About Us...

the Founding of T&B

T&B Premium Detailing was founded and started up in 2021 by Mateo Bolton. Having saved up $500, Mateo bought all the equipment and chemicals needed in order to start building the brand. The main goal going into the business wasn’t to make money , but to solve a problem and it still is to this day. We want to ensure that every client that chooses T&B leaves satisfied and comes back with high expectations. We love a good challenge and we thrive being uncomfortable. No job is too big or too small when you choose us because we always get it done. 

Not Convinced Yet?

Why Choose Us

We take our time. We know that your car is valuable and your money is too. When you choose T&B you aren’t just choosing someone just completing another job, you’re choosing someone who will leave you saying, as we’ve heard, “You did your thing”. See you soon!