Exterior Services

Bronze Package

Our $25 Bronze Package is just touching up the basics. This package includes a wash and rinse, glass cleaning and tire dressing. *Please note, this does not include TIRE CLEANING.*

Gold Package

Our Gold Package is intended to attack the dirt on those daily drivers to bring back that shine wheel to roof. This is our $60 package which includes a pre rinse, wash, rinse, glass cleaning, tire cleaning, wheel cleaning, tire dressing and a wax coating to keep that shine longer.

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is for those who care about longevity. With this upgraded package, you get exclusive installation of services such as our water repellent glass cleaner, premium water beading wax designed to repel rain and make wiping down your vehicle more maintainable. Your vehicle will also go through our iron removal process. This removes additional contaminants that could still be embedded into the paint even after the (pre)wash process.